What makes PurpleMuse knit – THE KNIT?

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PurpleMuse is a luxury brand of knitwear with a mission to create sustainable, yet timeless design pieces. Each of our products is hand crafted by local artisans in Kosovo, who are committed to ensure the perfect fit. 
Our knits are designed to be exceptional and to stand the test of time. PurpleMuse was founded in 2017 by a collective effort of family members, artisans and social innovators who come from different backgrounds, but share the same entrepreneurial mindset. Our mission is to be one of the leading and sustainable knitwear brands worldwide, and celebrate the millennial work of our local artisans. 

“Dear Knit Lovers,

We believe that PurpleMuse will be your favorite choice while seeking coziness. Our mission is to be one of the leading and sustainable knitwear brand worldwide, and celebrate the millenial work of our local artisans.

PurpleMuse is made in Kosovo, anew born country centered in south-east Europe facing difficult socio-economic transition.  The quality of life after post war phase, affected all the population, but especially elderly people in Kosovo, who didn`t had the chance to follow-up with education and job opportunities, and in this context, the index of employability for middle-aged women in Kosovo is quite low. In other hand, historically Kosovo is known for its unique craftsmanship and the art of knitting. We are proud that we have on board 6 amazing artisans who craft our designs with such commitment and profesionalism. Our goal is to expand the number of empoyees by 100 by 2021.

PurpleMuse knitwear brand is ALL about connecting muses, fashion lovers, and non-comformists at one place! Thank you for being part of our journey.

PurpleMuse team