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PurpleMuse is made in Kosovo, anew born country centered in south-east Europe facing challenging socio-economic transition. The quality of life after post war phase, affected all the population, but especially elderly people in Kosovo, who didn’t had the chance to follow-up with education and job opportunities. In this context, the index of employability for middle-aged women in Kosovo is still quite low. In other hand, historically Kosovo is known for its unique craftsmanship and the art of knitting. We are proud that through Purplemuse we managed to employee six artisans who craft PM designs with such commitment and professionalism.

Sustainable Development

PurpleMuse is fashion that empowers women in Kosovo because we support the work of artisans, nevertheless in the near future we will provide Knitting Masterclasses for young generation of artisans to keep the tradition alive. Moreover, through our brand we want to create a community of MUSES around the world – strong & independent women who inspire each – other. Our vision is to expand the number of our employees at 100 women by the end of 2020, and YOU can help us reach this goal.
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